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Servo transfer device

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Products keywords:Servo Precision Press,Precision Press,Cold Warm Forging Press,Surrounding Automation Equipment,Large Split Press.

Product overview:We always “aim to become the leading brand in mental plastic forming intelligence solutions” as the vision, “consider sincerely about staff’s happiness both in material and spirits and contribute to the development of people and society” as the management mission, furthermore take the “customization,import substitute,providing industrial upgrading for customers” as the value orientation.
Product description

◇ Corresponding to various presses, standardized and modular design, quick installation and debugging, simple operation and low maintenance cost.

◇ The conveying device is the leading, and the press and the conveying device operate in a synchronous mode.

◇ Each axis of the servo multi-station conveying device is controlled by an AC servo motor, and the stroke parameters can be adjusted arbitrarily within the design range to correspond to different specifications of molds

◇ High-speed transportation has good stability and high production efficiency.

◇ It is equipped with inspection devices such as misfeeding, misclamping and skipping materials to protect the mold.

◇ It can be used in conjunction with various feeding devices and peripheral devices such as hoists and vibrating plates.

◇ The carrying rod is designed with three sections, which can be changed quickly, which can be adapted to the production of large/small batches of multiple varieties.

◇ The clamping jaws are easy to adjust and are used to handle different types of products.

◇ The conveying device can run and stop independently, and the production mode can be switched continuously or manually.

◇ The data of the conveying device can be stored in the press database together with the data of the mold. The parameter setting after mold change is simple.

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