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Company profile

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Jiangsu CPTEK Servo Technology Co,.Ltd. is a joint-venture established by Zhejiang Zhongxing Precision Industry Group Co.,Ltd. and Japanese Nishida Seiki Co,.Ltd., which was founded on September 18, 2011. “CPTEK” is a new brand which was born beside the beautiful Tianmu Lake, gathering professional technical teams who have passion for forging and stamping industry both from China and Japan.There are over 200 million RMB investment until now.

We always “aim to become the leading brand in mental plastic forming intelligence solutions” as the vision, “consider sincerely about staff’s happiness both in material and spirits and contribute to the development of people and society” as the management mission, furthermore take the “customization,import substitute,providing industrial upgrading for customers” as the value orientation. We focus on the core technical R&D and innovation of high-end intelligence press equipment and automatic producing line, concentrate on the research and manufacture of Servo presses, Cold/Warm/Hot Forming Presses, Transfer Presses and Surrounding Automation Equipment, at the same time vigorously promote the combination of Intelligent Forging Equipment and the technology of information, network and digital. Upholding the service philosophy of “customer value maximization”, the company provides customer with the designed process,mould/equipment/automation solutions and the Integrated Technology Services of system integration, courageously meets customer demand and undertakes and the Turnkey Projects.

After several years of rapid development and positive innovation, the company has cultivated a batch of professionals and backbones. Products have occupied the important position in domestic and overseas market. Many product types are the first set and fill in the blank in China, receiving good praise from industries and customers. The company has been the National High-Tech Enterprise and builded Jiangsu Intelligent Servo Forging Equipment and Process Engineering and Technological Research Center, Jiangsu Intelligent Servo Forging Equipment System Engineering Center, Jiangsu Post-Doctorate Innovative Practice Base, Jiangsu Enterprise Postgraduate Workstation, and Changzhou Foreign Expert Studio. Moreover, several famous professors and overseas experts always engage in research and development in these centers and workstation. 

The exhibition reveals corporate culture of CPTEK, growth history, product features, core technology, application fields and practical cases through picture information and video images. We welcome customers, leaders, industrial experts, partners, and friends to visit the exhibition hall and guide us. We expect that you give us valuable opinions and suggestion!


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Address: No. 28 Shangshang Road, Zhongguancun Science and

Technology Park, Liyang City, Jiangsu Province
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